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Thu, Nov. 25th, 2004, 08:36 pm
shamrockkiss: Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil finally touched on RAD yesterday... there was a 15 year old girl on the show who was diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder. The father and step mother ended up sending her away at the end of the show because this girl was trying to kill her step mom... poisoning food, hiding knives... scary stuff. I just look at my mom like... whoa... please don't let her get to that point...

My kids are doing pretty good... I'm surprised how much they've improved actually. I'm not so worried about them anymore. Atleast not as far as RAD goes. I wish my stepsisters were getting better. One of them has been doing better from what I've seen... but the younger one is just getting worse. She stresses everyone out... she just doesn't seem to understand that people are trying to help her... she's always in trouble at school... It's rough.. she's only like 7 or 8... she thinks everyone hates her... you wanna just hug her and tell her she's loved.. but you give her just a little and she's manipulating you left right and center. And it's actually at the point where no one can be alone with her.. cuz she makes false accusations for the attention. It's horrible.

Apparently the way to go to correct RAD is boot camp. Take everything away, and make them earn everything back. But my god... that's hard to do to a kid...

I really feel for my mom and step dad. They're at wit's end with these girls, and I don't blame them. I see what they go through on a daily basis. I sure hope they get the youngest straightened out soon though... RAD turns into some sort of psychosis by the looks of it... that family on Dr. Phil... terrifying.

Fri, Nov. 26th, 2004 07:54 pm (UTC)

I feel like we are moving forward too. E will say hi to someone as we pass but he doesnt even stop or slow his stride, just "hi" and keep on moving. he asks less and less to be picked up by others in public. Although if they come into our house he will ask and it doesnt matter who they are. he calls our friends renae and hiedi instead of mama. He will come and hug me around the neck when I am on the floor changing the baby. he is getting jealous of the attention the baby gets. not that he doesnt get plenty. but would he really CARE that the baby is getting the attention if he was having an attachment issue? He does things like try to climb in my lap when I am changing her. seems like a pretty typical 2 year old and sibling thing to do. I saw a bit of dr phil that day but my big kids came home from school and were clammoring to show me their work and can they play and where is their homework etc.

Wed, May. 4th, 2005 02:54 am (UTC)

a friend of mine found this comm and i'm grateful she did really. i will probably follow the links to see some stuff. i want to join this comm too but i'm afraid to. i have good reason to be afraid because well... i'm different & i know some ppl find it insulting to have people like me compared to outside/bio-kids because i can't possibly understand/be real enough/whatever. Anyway, you can look at my lj info a lil ... some is at the top in a box. i don't expect any one here to like me or even acknowledge me i guess but i would like to have a place sometimes to kinda talk a lil maybe bout my sister...and another girl i know. bleh

i'll quit rambling now. i'll visit again an see what um you think ... bye

summer willow