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Sat, Mar. 5th, 2005, 11:57 am
katie8471: I think I am losing my mind.

I just dont think anyone understands. noone else sees this stuff but me. so I am just the crazy woman. the "you arent taking your antidepressants and its the depression talking" woman. and of course when WOULD anyone else see it? when we go out he acts like an angel. when he goes to someone else's house he acts like an angel. when someone is here he is so taken with amusing them that he doesnt have time to act out. I dont care what he (husband) says, it is not normal for a two year old to wrestle a one year old to the floor. or maybe I should rephrase that to say it is not ok. I am losing it. but of course, really there is nothing wrong. its just typical behavior. He is just friendly with strangers because he is a friendly kid. every kid takes delight in knocking his baby sister on her head. every kids smiles and laughs with glee when being reprimanded. every kid looks at you defiantly and smiles as he does exactly what you just told him not to. oh and of course there is always the fact that "but hes so much more animated now than he was before he came home" well yeah that just makes everything alright then doesnt it.