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Tue, Oct. 19th, 2004, 02:17 pm
katie8471: M day. cross posted to my journal and adopted parent.

(tuesdays a large group of the moms/dads and kids from the residency go to McD's playland for lunch.) I havent gone for a long long time. And I have never taken Ethan. we went once with just a girlfriend and he asked the people at the table next to us for a bite. he was very chatty with anyone. But he did really well today. he didnt ask ANYONE to pick him up. not even the people we knew. There were a lot of us there and he knew all the families we were with but there were a few other families there that we didnt know who were just there to enjoy playland and not a part of the residency. he didnt bother them either. (of course he chowed TWO cheeseburgers before he ran to play!)when we got there one little girl ran to him and he ran right back to me and hid his face. this little girl is an in your face kid and he doesnt care for her AT ALL. he repeatedly ran to me and hugged my legs if anything didnt feel right. that is good too. and once I was out of his sight but still watching him and I caught the look in his eye as he was looking and looking and it wasnt panic but it was definitely WHERE IS MY MOM! I called his name and when he saw me he ran and hugged me again. then ran off to play some more. he didnt really even want anything to do with the other kids. just do his own thing and make sure momma is close by. it was very sweet and very encouraging. I dont think we will do this every week as it throws the nap schedule to hell. not to mention my weightloss! of course hauling two 19 pounders anywhere is a workout! I am just so happy that he did so well. he LOVES renae and he didnt really even want to talk to her. it felt good to really be his mommy. For so long it has just been me trying to be the mommy but him not quite believing it. I am beaming with pride! tears! he IS my little boy! and slowly becoming more affectionate and less demanding. everyone was amazed with his speech. what can I say, he is an amzing child! and mine all mine! (well ok and daddys too but still MINE!) I am very encouraged to say the least.